- What is human-likeness in humanoid robots?

- Which are the aspects of human-likeness that are more relevant for interaction?


Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi
Prediction of other’s action in dynamic social context!
Keep apart self- and other-related motor representations in a flexible manner (self-other distinction).
Beyond (inhibition of) mirror system.

- Should robots develop and learn in the same way as humans do in order to be perceived as human-like?


Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi
Before answering the "should" question, it is important to consider the essential factor (influence) for human cognitive development: role of " Active Teaching (by caregivers)".
What kinds of external triggers are effective to make robots’ social cognition develop ?


- Which aspects of the Uncanny Valley beyond the mere appearance should be taken into consideration? Motor control? Cognitive abilities? Communication skills?


- What are the aspects of human-human interaction that can/should be implemented in the human-robot context?